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After two weeks….

In practice, we see that reality really kicks in for the expat after arrival. Everything is new, and this is the phase in which the most questions are asked. Examples are the Wi-Fi not working, problems with electricity, questions about the children in school or problems with the landlord. There are numerous questions that the expat will ask of you as employer or of your HR department, in which case it is nice that your employee can contact us with all of these questions. You can continue running your business, and our expertise allows us to provide your colleague with excellent assistance.


As far as we are concerned, civic integration should not only include taking a course. Our goal is to make the expat and their family feel truly at home by means of activities, sports, trips and much more. There are great events and places of interest in and around Eindhoven, but expats need to know about them in order to go there. To ensure that the expat really integrates into our society, we take on the role of guide and let the expat experience all the great things that our surroundings have to offer. This opens up the expat’s world and brings them into contact with more people than just expats, which increases the chances of integration.

We regularly organise city walks, city tours of the surrounding villages, workshops and other events aimed at expats and their families. We do this together with partners from our network, including FC Eindhoven football club.

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