Arrival - x-path

We take care of things from A to Z

  • Accommodation
  • School for the children
  • Registration with the municipality (we accompany the expat to the appointment)
  • Bank account
  • Gas, water, electricity
  • Health insurance
  • Other insurance policies
  • 30% facility
  • Mobility
  • Connectivity
  • Driving licence and/or public transport
  • General practitioner
  • Healthcare

New life

Your role as a good employer starts as soon as your new colleague has the required permits for work and residence. You have three obligations as a recognised sponsor, namely the obligation to keep and retain records, the obligation to provide information and the duty of care. You have the duty of care to make sure that your new colleague and their family feel at home here. If your colleague has everything in order privately, this means that they can be of inestimable value to your company. We make sure that your new colleague does not only receive a warm welcome, but can also start their new life immediately. We do all of this on behalf of you as our client.

Everything in order

Imagine that you go abroad and get to build a new life with your family. You arrive at the airport and are immediately welcomed on behalf of your new employer. You and your family are collected and transported to your new home. Wi-Fi has been set up in your new home, so that you are online immediately. These are all things that are arranged with the expat.

More information

Please do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment to discuss the options