The guide for your expat -

‘The guide for your expat’

Your role as a good employer is in good hands with us; we make sure that your expat has a safe landing.

Having an expat settle

Making the expat feel at home in our society.

1st point of contact

We remain the first point of contact for the first three years.

Creating a carefree environment for the employer

We take care of good employment practices on behalf of your company.

Human capital

The expat can focus completely on their work.

Making the expat feel at home

We take over your duty of care as employer, and make sure that the expat is comfortable.

To be able to employ a highly skilled migrant, you must be registered as a recognised sponsor with the IND. This is a time-consuming and complicated job. The average application process takes three months or more. However, we also understand that you would like to onboard the expat as soon as possible, so that they can be of value to your company.

That is why we are offering the option of employing the expat through payrolling. his means that we are actually the expat’s employer, and that they can start work at your company straight away. You may subsequently choose to either maintain the payrolling structure or to employ the expat yourself immediately after the application period for becoming a recognised sponsor.

An additional benefit of payrolling is that we take on the complete payroll records as well as the risk of employership.

More information

Please do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment to discuss the options